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Driving Side
First of all, in Malta we drive on the left as in the UK and some other countries and only persons over 18 years of age can apply. This may take a little while to get used to but the easiest way is to follow the traffic and there is a lot of that!

In Malta there are literally more cars then there are people. We have 30 new cars registered per day so prepare yourself. Rush hour in Malta is usually either around 8am and around 6pm.

Speed Limits
The speed limit is 40Kph in built up areas and a 60Kph in major open roads which we mostly call "By-passes". And yes, we have quite a few speed cameras and they are very strict. If you go more than 5Kph over the limit you will be fined.

It is also compulsory to wear seatbelts in the front and back seats.

Drink Driving
The alcohol limit is just 0.08 (80mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood) so if you have 2 drinks in one hour you are already over the limit. The police do have breatalaysers so beware! We highly recommend that you simply DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.

Mobile Phones
The use of mobile phones while driving is strictly prohibited and fines are very high. You can use a headset but with one headphone in your left ear so that your right ear is clear as we drive on the left.

Children may only sit at the back of a vehicle and should wear seat belts.

Parking in Malta is free of charge and our cars are licensed to be parked overnight in public areas including roads. No doubt that its difficult to park in Valletta (The Capital) and other popular areas such as Sliema and Paceville. In these popular areas there are numerous carparks. Prices for parking vary a lot but you can expect to pay around €2 per hour. You cannot park or stop on double yellow lines anywhere even if you see people doing it. If you are caught parked badly you may get a fine of around €25 and worst case scenario, you can get clamped or towed. The charges for these are much higher of course. You may see parking spaces reserved for the disabled. To use these spaces you need a blue sticker otherwise you will be fined even if you are actually disabled.

Toll Roads
There are no Toll Roads in Malta at all.

Accidents and problems
If simply having trouble with the car, call the number given to you by us and put on a visible or your reflective jacket and stand in a location out of harms way while you wait for assistance.

If you are involved in a crash, and nobody is injured, you will need to call Traffic Wardens on 00 356 2132 0202. If the accident involves injuries, you will need to call the police on 00 356 112. You should wait until they arrive and DO NOT move the car for any reason unless your car is causing danger to other road users. You should also call us as well on 00 356 9949 8140. We will do our best to come and assist you as soon as possible. In the meantime, take photographs of the scene. You should also ensure to record the warden or police report number for insurance purposes.

Maltese drivers are known to be assertive but not crazy! Speeds on the streets are low enough that you don't feel like you're taking your life into your hands. One issue you may have is with roundabouts. You may have some doubt as to who would go first, the key was making eye contact with the other driver so you'd each know the other was there, and then one of you would go. Usually as a rule of thumb, the person on your right has the right of way.






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